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🌟 Dive into the Comedy Multiverse with Vittorio Angelone

…the man who’s half Italian, half Irish, and fully equipped to crack the very foundation of what you thought was funny. Zürich, get ready to question your identity, laugh at the absurdities of life, and find out why Vittorio’s the only comedian who can claim to have solved every world problem… only to realize he left the gas on at home.


From Belfast to Zürich: A Laugh a Minute

Vittorio’s life reads like a hastily written sitcom plot – classical musician turns comedian, moves from London to the global stage, making people spit their drinks out in laughter, one continent at a time. His viral clips have more views than a cat video festival, proving that laughter truly is a universal language.

What’s in the Show? Global Laughter, Local Charm

“WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? I AM” isn’t just a show; it’s a full-blown comedic revelation. Ever wondered what an Italian-Irish perspective on Swiss neutrality looks like? Or how someone can be outrageously funny while making profound points about life? Vittorio’s got you covered. He’s like a fine wine – except he gets better with laughs, not years.


Critics Are Raving, Piers Morgan Not So Much

With stars from The Skinny to Broadway Baby lighting up his reviews (and Piers Morgan calling him a “D*ckhead”—a badge of honor in comedy circles), Vittorio’s not just on the rise; he’s skyrocketing with a jetpack of jokes.

Why You Can’t Miss This Show

Zürich, prepare for a night where cultural insights crash into hilarious observations, and where being from two places means you get to complain about twice as many things. Vittorio is more than a comedy show; he’s a walking, talking, joke-telling proof that in the end, we’re all just looking for a good laugh.


More About Vittorio

Having started comedy in 2018 he has already cultivated a huge online following from stand-up clips and podcasts, regularly amassing millions of views on various platforms. As well as co-hosting Mike & Vittorio’s Guide to Parenting alongside fellow comedian Mike Rice, he is a regular guest on the Have A Word Podcast and released his first comedy special Translations in September 2023. While Translations literally solved every problem in the world. his new show looks inward to find out who exactly he thinks he is.

Quotes & Reviews

  • “Outstanding” -★★★★★ - The Student
  • “Just wow.” - ★★★★½ - Chortle
  • ★★★★ - The Skinny
  • “it requires a degree of darkness to see just how clever Angelone’s comedy is” - ★★★★ - Broadway Baby
  • “Gay” - The Guardian
  • “The kind of class act who makes this job look easy” - The Times
  • “Will be a megastar” - Metro
  • “D*ckhead” - Piers Morgan
  • “Come for the caustic wit, stay for a poignancy that never strays into shameless pandering.” - Rolling Stone Magazine
  • “Vittorio is the greatest comedian I’ve ever seen, undoubtedly the voice of his generation” - The Skinny
  • “Immensely relatable and funny as fuck” - Daniel Sloss
  • “So much better than he has any right to be at this stage of his career” - Adam Rowe

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