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An Evening with Matt Jenkins: Clean, Quick-Witted Comedy

Are you looking for a night where you can just laugh without the cringe? Join us for a refreshing comedy experience with Matt Jenkins, one of New Yorks top clean comics, now performing in Zürich!

Known for his quick-witted and clever humor, Matt Jenkins offers a delightful alternative to the usual dark or offensive jokes. His comedy is smart, relatable, and perfect for Zürich’s diverse international community.

Matt Jenkins

Why You’ll Love This Show

  • A Breath of Fresh Air: Amidst a comedy scene often filled with dark or offensive humor, Matt’s clean comedy is a delightful change.
  • Relatable Content: Matt’s jokes and stories resonate with everyone, making his humor universally enjoyable.
  • Diverse Appeal: Whether you’re an expat from Europe, Asia, or the Americas, Matt’s humor bridges cultures and brings people together.

About Matt Jenkins

Matt Jenkins is rapidly becoming a standout in the New York and New Jersey comedy scene with his unique, clean style. His diverse background and solid joke writing make him a master at connecting with audiences from all walks of life. Whether performing in New York, New Jersey, or internationally in countries like Russia, Ireland, and China, Matt leaves a lasting impression with his charisma and wit.

For an impression check out Matt’s Dry Bar Comedy Special Stand Up Comedy Won’t Make You Any Money.

For more detailed information about his work, you can visit his official website here or check out his performances on his YouTube channel​ and on Instagram @mattjenkinscomic.

Location - ROBIN’s Little Italy in Niederdorf.

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