🎙️ IN YOUR FACE Presents: Comedians without Borders 🇨🇭🇪🇺🚑 🎙️

In an era craving laughter more than ever, English stand-up comedy has become a beacon of light across Switzerland and Europe at large. ‘IN YOUR FACE Presents: Comedians without Borders’ showcases a handpicked selection of top-tier talent, drawn from the vibrant scenes of Switzerland, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, Vienna, and beyond. Join us as we celebrate the universal language of comedy with some of the most exhilarating voices from across the continent.


🍝 Where? 📍

Right in the heart of Zürich at ROBIN’s Little Italy. It’s a spot as legendary as the acts that grace our stage!

What about ROBIN'S?

ROBIN’s is a multifaceted gem in the heart of Zürich. Begin your day with expertly brewed coffee in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Friend staff at ROBINs, featuring Maria

When hunger strikes, satisfy your cravings with some of the city’s most delectable pizzas, priced to please. Beyond serving as a café and restaurant, ROBIN’s transforms into a lively bar where the staff treat you like a long-lost friend.

In the evening at ROBINs coffee

The venue is also a vibrant cultural hub, hosting an eclectic range of events— from electrifying stand-up comedy and soulful live music, to engaging quiz nights and unique second-hand clothing markets.

Discover the Dual Personality of ROBIN's: Coffee Haven by Day, New York Pizzeria by Night

ROBIN’s Coffee serves as a daytime sanctuary, perfect for catching up with friends or finding a tranquil corner to focus on work. In the adjacent space, ROBIN’s Little Italy emerges as a pizza haven styled after a classic New York pizzeria. Not only do they offer a mouthwatering array of pizzas, but their drink menu is equally impressive—featuring a curated selection of beers, fine wines, and innovative cocktails. Get a taste for both worlds by visiting robins-coffee.ch and robins-littleitaly.ch.

How to get there?

Any tram or bus that stops at Central then walk around the corner to ROBIN's - directions to the ROBINs on Google Maps here.

Outside ROBINs

Relaxing after a busy day at ROBINs